Friday, November 25, 2011

Guess What We Found?

TOES!! I love watching kids discover things, but something about them discovering their hands and toes makes me giggle. Their face always seems so surprised and amazed once they realize there is more to who they are. On a less exciting note, we also found another UTI infection while we were in Dallas. We knew he could get another one, but it should've been caught with his prophylactic dose of antibiotics. It really was quite a miracle that I even caught the problem. I decided to give him a bath and was a little more than concerned that his urine was dark brown. Three doctors tried to convince me that it was anything but a UTI. The first doctor tried to tell me that he was dehydrated which was sort of silly since he leaked through his diaper and his shirt front was soaked in spit. The next doctor decided that the new food we introduced to him was the culprit. Also silly since the few times we had given him food, it was rice cereal which is very white. The last doctor tried to tell me it was due to teething! Really?
He got to enjoy getting a catheter twice and it was obvious when they got the sample that he had a UTI. They sent me home with meds and the inappropriate dosing amount. Thank heavens we have been doing this for sometime know so I could catch it. Poor thing. His meds stink and he hates it, but we have to get the kidneys to last his lifetime.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My World Wide Travels

So I turns out that my life (that consists of diaper changing, kid request filling, may be shower taking, and sometime clean house) actually has a bit of world travel. Well, not really, but my emails seem to suggest it. Early this morning during my internet quick check, I came across several perplexing emails about whether or not I was ok. Turns out my email me took a trip to London and forgot to travel with insured travelers checks because she was mugged and lost everything but her ability to email any random person she has ever emailed with that account begging for money. Thank heavens for real friends who still offered me the cash!!

Teasing. Anyways, those who know me, know I never go anywhere without my ninja warriors (Don't mess with this crew and their bamboo skills!)

and my Russian spy!

The email was ridiculously funny, but I still feel bad for all those emails falling into the hands of some person who happens to be in Nigeria of all places with nothing better to do than to concoct silly tragedies and force people like me to abandon their 12+ year email account.

Now I am going to take a lesson on peaceful meditation from the master:

Too bad the picture quality doesn't do this pose justice. The one hand grips the sheet as the other holds onto his ever growing amount of dreads and he pushes his diapered self up while crossing his legs. Totally a great way to sleep. Whatever is making him only wake up at most ONCE A NIGHT!!!! just do it.

POST POST--the most exciting part of all this is that someone from the FBI called my house about it! What? I felt all cold war like. Well, it was definitely more exciting than getting around to doing the dishes.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


First I was like--

Lucky. . .

Then I was like