Friday, August 31, 2012


Living in Alaska has proved to be a very unique experience. We have enjoyed so many beautiful things, but aren't in love with the weird fees that come from being not in the lower 48. Shipping is redonculous. The internet for our home is like paying for a cell phone plan with limits on gigabytes used. Most interesting was the charge from our cable company. We owed $789. The charges were for unreturned equipment and unreturned clients. Fernando and I wondered where we might have put that client so stealthily. Too bad we didn't think of sending a ransom note and then may be they would have been paying us. On the same vein of kidnapping or kid napping. Talia is going through that undesirable faze where she doesn't feel like she needs a nap, but desperately needs one. It is so sad how she falls asleep instantly while in her carseat around 3 when we pick up the kids but has to wake up for all the obvious reasons. The girl then can't fall asleep until 9 at night. Poor thing.