Thursday, February 9, 2012


A little acronym that stands for San Antonio Botanical Gardens. We decided to hit up this gem during the last few days of the winter break. It was definitely one of those places that needed some serious running around exploration excitement, but I held the group back with my new gimpy toe (read the previous entry if you are not sure what I am referring to). Though I tried not to, it was almost impossible not to compare this botanical garden with the Dallas Arboretum. Really it was like comparing apples to Cara Cara oranges--try them they equally stunning as they are tasty. Who couldn't love a place that looked like this:

(don't judge a place by my iphone photography. . .it is amazingly beautiful. If you are in Dallas, it is a must see)

and had all sorts of free fun including a petting zoo and face painting!

This place wasn't bad and is probably better in the springtime. The kids loved the amazon room with constant mist action.

The cactus area to imitate

and a metal scorpion

And the butterfly exhibit:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Too Many

WARNING>Contains graphic pictures of torn toenails. Be advised!

I have a pathological problem with status quo. Not that I am good at changing stuff that should be changed (eating, sleeping, and exercise habits to name a few that need this attention), but I often go around rearranging my furniture every few weeks. Now that we are attempting to sell our home (any buyers interested, feel free to buy), I find the need to change things up comes more frequently and with a greater intensity.

So a about a month ago, I was moving around some couches in our family room. They really aren't that heavy and slide quite easily across the carpet. When I slid the couch a bit too quickly and close, I ended up with a toenail 90 degrees away from its home position. I attempted to push it back into place and stop the bleeding, but then some of my kids needed help and walking while holding down a toenail just isn't a function.

I decided to do a little research on ripped toenails and realized that I needed a doctor visit. ER's with 4 kids are never a charm, but no one was home to watch the kids. I debated between going to a hospital 5 minutes from my home or heading across town to the hospital where Fernando was working in hopes that he might have the chance to watch the kids while my toenail was fixed. It just so happened that Fernando's family left the day before which was too bad. Free babysitters who love getting the chance to watch your kids makes such unfortunate events so much better. I took my chances with the hospital across town.

Mia reminded me that it was such a blessing that my left big toe was damaged because driving to the hospital would have been impossible. Fernando came after we were triaged which I think ended up being beneficial. No one wanted to rank me as a wait for space ER candidate with four kids buzzing with nervous energy. It was now a couple hours past the injury and the adrenaline had definitely worn off. The doctor tried to touch the toe and I almost screamed. He numbed up the toe (even more painful than the toe touching) and proceeded to sew my toenail to my toe. I waddled out to enjoy a little gyro sandwich with the kids before heading home.

Church was fun with flip flops. I am sure no one cared, but it was quite ridiculous wearing flip flops with a nice dress and a wool coat due to the colder temperatures. With over a month and a half healing time, the toenail is gone with a new one on the way. The next two pictures after the now picture are increasingly more graphic FYI.

Catching Some Z's!

Joaquin has been a rockin' sleeper. (which in turn has made it possible for me to sleep like a rock--7:30 am or sometimes later rolling out of bed). I think a lot of it has to do with his thumb sucking prowess. The kid is ambidextrous with his opposable digits. Our sleeping routine is beyond fabulous. He usually goes to bed around 7-8 at night and wakes up around 6:00 am!! I feed him and he goes back to sleep (as do I). Then sometime around 7:30 he wakes up ready to play. About 2 hours later he goes down again for nap number one that last at least 2 plus hours. Wake up, eat play, sleep 2 hours more. Repeat.

I want to sing praises for such a kind and thoughtful kid. I am 100% positive that he was a direct blessing from above since I decided to do this whole homeschooling thing. (I have loved it, but think it really was a bit more for me than I originally thought it would be).