Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa Has Come to Town

Even though it was negative some odd degrees tonight, it was magical watching Santa pull into our little town on a reindeer pulled sleigh to light our town's Christmas tree.  It was really fun listening to our school's choir sing Christmas songs while we enjoyed free hot chocolate and cookies.  The kids were sad (read furious) that I didn't remember to bring sleds for the hill.  I am glad we didn't though.  It gets dark at 4:00pm these days and I really didn't love the idea of trying to see my kids slide down the hills in the dark.  Super fun way to bust into the holiday season. (thank heavens a friend got this video.  I was busy trying to keep Joaquin from frost bite and keep my eyes on the rest of my crew since Fernando got stuck at the hospital).  Luckily, we got an accidental sneak peek when we found the best parking spot of the night.  I happened to see some Reindeer in the adjoining parking lot and suggested that we take a look while everyone was distracted by the freebies.  While watching the reindeer romp around the parking lot, Talia saw Santa.  We quickly (upon her insistentce) over to see him.  He politely asked everyone's name and then took a picture with us.  He also then politely reminded us that we should have been waiting for him over by the festivities.