Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peeks from Up North

We are in love with our new home.  I wonder if I will ever stop being almost moved to tears while walking around here (especially since winter brings weather cold enough to freeze those tears mid fall). Here are pictures from a hike we did awhile ago.  It was amazing. 

The hike meandered around this beautiful forest and brought us to this gorge. We hopped into this cage to hand tram across this glacier runoff river! 
Tiago was really into this "huh" pose all day.  I tried not to giggle every time he did it.  He would even take a cute one for me and then ask me to repeat the picture with this pose.

I think this was the last time we forgot to take our hiking back pack in the car.  I think that as uncomfortable as it was for Fernando and I to carry him, I was probably even more uncomfortable for Joaquin.

This water was such an amazing color.  In fact all the colors here are incredible.  While we were down by the water, this couple struck up a conversation with us.  Ok, actually, I started the conversation apologizing for ruining their moment after I saw their private picnic set up.  They were totally friendly and welcomed us up to this heaven on earth.  Then they insisted on taking a picture for us.  All I had was my iPhone, but he had this rockin' camera since he was a former journalist.  I am glad we all kind of coordinated.  I just wish that we didn't look so tired and I didn't look like a giant lording over my kingdom.  Still, it was nice of him to take it.