Friday, March 29, 2013

Have you done something with your hair?

On a related note, I am grateful that Mustache March is coming quickly to a close.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break

After Hawaii in February, I really didn't expect much for our mid-April spring break.  In fact, the kiddos had all of 4 school days between their Hawaiian paradise and Spring break.

We started out hitting the Anchorage Museum of Art which has a hands on kid section.  We went with some good friends which was nice, but we weren't the only families who thought of such a great idea.  It was too crowded for my taste so after about two hours, I called it quits.
Tiago with friend's making a huge bubble around their bodies

Then we attempted going to the Air Force Base to enjoy the indoor play ground and bounce houses.  It was nice to allow them a couple hours to jump around and waste some energy.  Joaquin had no clue what jumping was all about.  He loves climbing, but the idea of getting both feet off the ground at the same time was a bit undesirable for his taste.  That meant I spent most of the time helping him climb in and out of slippery bounce house entrances.  It was fun!

The best moments came at the very end of the week.  A friend and fellow Anesthesiologist, invited us to their winter wonderland called their house.  The kids got to zipline, sled, get pulled by a snow mobile on tubes, and enjoy lunch cooked via bon fire.

The next day, we headed with those same friends and a few more families, back to the base which is quite a natural wonder.  We headed to one of the many lakes for a little ice fishing.  Someone brought a drill that they rented, that promptly broke.  Luckily, Alaskans are super friendly, and a neighboring group of ice fishers loaned us their drill.  15 holes later, we set up for some fun.  I love the idea of fishing, I just don't like feeling the fish tug on the line.  All I can think about is that hook ripping through the poor fish's mouth.  SO, I just stayed on the supportive side.  It was just for the kiddos anyway.  Our hole wasn't very active and after awhile, we bailed for the holes those kind neighbors abandoned when they finished.  Every 10 seconds, a fish would bite.  I thought it was kind of a funny contrast.  And although it isn't very accurate for standard fishing, it does seem to fit the Alaskan way to fish.  We enjoyed hot dogs, and s'mores there, but the kiddos cleaned and cooked their fish for dinner that night.  Alaska Spring Break saved by the cold weather activities.