Monday, April 23, 2012

Loves of March

Tiago lost his two front teeth during a mad race between him and his brother. Joaquin (although unaware) tied with Tiago in teeth events. Joaquin grew two and Tiago lost two in the same week.
Tiago also got a violent throwing up bug which was kind of scary since he has really nothing on him to lose. He and I for that matter were kind of out of commission dealing with the bought of sickness. Mia, like usual, thought that the best thing to do was make a sweet card and breakfast in bed to help heal her brother. My heart melted at the sweet tenderness she showed him.
Joaquin has been ever the explorer. He loves chatting in the mirror with his identical friend (aka his own reflection). It is so funny to watch him and his reflection interact. It kind of reminds me of the fish in Nemo just not as psychotic.
Finally, our friends invited us to Pi day. We celebrated with them last year, but didn't memorize any of pi and brought really gross pie. This year, in attempts to at least make up for my bad pie, I tried cute little pie tartlets. The kids were totally grossed out about the crust that called for vinegar. I guess that the No Fail Pie Crust didn't make the cut.