Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not Milk?

There are two possibly three things you should know in order to appreciate this post. First, my three year old is a typical inventive wonder who believes (as do I) that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Second, I have an abhorrence to wasting food. I feel strongly that those who have been blessed with abundance should share the wealth in whatever way possible and when you can't (in the case of food prepared at a given meal), be respectful of the blessing you've been given. Food should really only be thrown out when bad and even with that said, try to only make what you will consume. SOAPBOX Finally, I love whole milk. Adore it. I would love to drink it, but my genes and my doctor husband suggest else wise. I have slowly watered my milk taste down to 1% and feel pretty good about doing so.

With that understood or at least stated, I happened upon Talia a week ago busy at the kitchen sink. She was filling up measuring cups with water. I then glanced down at her cereal bowl to see what appeared to be a combination of milk, cereal, and water. I bit upset at the wasted food, I reprimanded Talia for playing with perfectly good food. She protested as I dumped the watery cereal and poured her another bowl. Almost as soon as I finished my lecture and poured milk into her bowl again I understood Talia's confused face. The wasted watery cereal was merely cereal drenched in Skim "Milk". I still feel like the cereal was a watery waste, but that's because as aforementioned I adore the pure cream of whole milk.