Sunday, February 3, 2013

Turning Point

Today in church we sang a song to help prepare us to take the sacrament entitled "Behold the Great Redeemer Die" and a line from the song stood out to me.  It is speaks of the Savior's moments in the Garden--praying to have another option, but still willing to do what has been asked of Him.  The song says "I've done the work thou gavest me."

The Savior's example of obedience is amazing.  What He did with His talents and gifts in the most imperfect surroundings makes me wonder what am I doing with the work that has been given me.

Fernando found the most uplifting show on BYUtv.  The show is Turning Point.  Every episode I have watched, I am reminded of the Savior.  These people, some blessed with many resources and others from less then affluent stations in life, have seen the people around them.  They see the needs and go to tremendous lengths and personal sacrifice to bless those peoples' lives.  Below is the most recent one I have watched and was touched by the love this man felt for the homeless people of his city.  These are the stories that are rarely mentioned and yet could bring so much hope and desires to do good.