Friday, May 17, 2013

Talia Bought Her First Set of Wheels

Talia has been constantly asking for a new bike.  We sold her bikes when we moved from San Antonio because she just grew too fast.  After watching Mia and Tiago pick up the ability to bike ride so fast and on their own because of their scooters, I was really hoping we could have the same success with Talia.  Mia and Tiago literally walked up to some kid's bike and hopped on and took off.  No assisting the kid while they wiggle on their training wheel-less bike and build the kid's confidence and then letting go as you cheer.  Just watching as they speed by on a bike you don't really know who it belongs to.

Fast forward to the other day when I saw a bike for sale from some local person for $10.  Talia used her birthday money and purchased the pink wonder.  I told her she could get training wheels, but suggested that if she really wanted to learn to ride, training wheels would just set her back.  I hate that the training wheels are always making kids lean to the side!  She agree reluctantly.  When we first tried, she was terrified, which made me regret the pep talk about the ability to learn without the training wheels.  But she persisted mainly because I told her that she could either try to learn or forget about it and on ride her scooter.  A few minutes later we had this:

She rode around for hours.  Everyday she can't wait to get out to ride.  Another funny aside which made me feel kind of good was that her friends came to ask me to teach them how to ride their bikes.  To be fair, the whole learning to ride the bike is totally up to the kid.  I think the parent is just there to pick up the kid and encourage them to figure it out.  I found out that Talia had been watching the friend's mom try to teach her when Talia interrupted with "you really should have my mom teach you.  She is the best teacher."  So even though I didn't get to teach my two oldest, at least I had the chance to do the whole stereotypical bike learning moment with a neighbor's kid.  I even ran down the block with her yelling "your doing it!  That's all you!"  Good work out.  Great feeling.  


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Wow! That is pretty amazing.

Emily said...


Lauren said...

Way to go talented Tovar kids! Talia is so grown up! I think the first (of very few) of Kevin's parenting philosophies that he shared with me is that he is completly anti-training wheels. I guess it runs in the family. Let's hope Oliver does as well someday.